Fiberglass Repair - Miami, FL

We have been repairing fiberglass boats, furniture, and anything made with fiberglass for over 30 years! We dare to say we have the most experience in Miami repairing fiberglass. Our work is respected by many boat manufacturers in Miami and South Florida as the go to shop for warranty repair.

We have repaired many boats involved in major accidents, every day common jetski bumps and scrapes with docks, jetski accidents, fiberglass jacuzzi wear and tear on large passenger cruise ships, fiberglass furniture that have suffered damage, fiberglass tanks, and so much more.

The quality in our craftmanship is next to none. We have been in business fo 30 years based on recommendations from our customers, that should say something about our quality.

Get Back on the Water!

With over 30 years of experience we can repair, restore, and create anything with fiberglass. You can bring your boat to our shop, if it’s to big we do onsite repair, if it’s too far we will fly and repair it. Call us at:

(305) 633-6265

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